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Born in the US,  Samantha has been writing since she was a young child initially starting out with song lyrics before moving on to poems and short stories. Her first publication was winning a poetry contest for the poem I Hate The Ways at the age of 16. Samantha hopes that the message of lessons learned, strength, and resilience is received by all who read her books. 

Samantha had a love for travel from a young age. Road trips with friends and family branched from local areas to cross country and even spanned internationally from a young age. This sparked her interest in being more culturally aware. Samantha has lived all across the USA, New Zealand, and Australia and has visited more than twenty countries. Samantha has future plans to establish a family home somewhere in Europe with her children.


Though Samantha is a published author, she is also an entrepreneur, owning two companies.  Her hobbies include traveling, exploring museums and castles, kayaking, and singing when she finds the time. 

Recollections Vol 1

No one teaches us how to reminisce. Sometimes our thoughts are just a recollection of memories past, for better or for worse, they belong to us.


Jo was a happy, intelligent, and innocent child until the universe sent her spiralling down an unforeseen path, introducing her at an early age to things no child, or parent, should ever endure. 


Fast forward more than 20 years and Jo, a hobby fictional author, decides to sit down and write a proper ‘tell-all’ book of her life.


From becoming a modern-day mail order bride, to exotic dancing to make ends meet, saucy nights spent on the town and failed relationships, Jo had always known that one day, she’d have to expose her skeletons and explore the events that had moulded her into the person she’d become. And with her marriage in breakdown and finding herself unemployed, there was no better time to start.


Reminiscing about her life as she sat down to write at her favourite cafe, sipping on her signature fig martini, Jo was flooded by memories just waiting to be unveiled. 

Achieving Parenthood Vol 1
The Struggles Are Real, The Hope Eternal

They say everyone has a story; in the world of infertility, truer words have never been spoken.


The fertility journey is often a lonely one to travel, and many people suffer in silence.

Achieving Parenthood breaks the silence.

Follow the heartfelt journeys of everyday people who bravely share their stories of miscarriage, infertility, adoption, stillbirth and infant loss, surrogacy and donor options. You will gain insight into infertility research from a doctor’s perspective and other fertility specialists who have also been through their own struggles.

Each story will provide you with the comfort of knowing you are not alone and there is always hope.

 A collaboration book compiled by Kellie Harriden and consisting of stories by Heather & Jessica Camarillo, Kelly Maree, Lucy Lines, Samantha Richardson, Briana Smith, Elizabeth Clements, Carly Edwards, Kate Mills-Nolan, Kirsty Ahearn, Pauline Harriden, Fiona Stark, Dr Gavin Stacks, Ocean Reeve and Kellie Harriden


In the Press

This book takes you on a journey through time and of all the possible scenarios we can deal with as we move through this life. The format keeps you on your toes as you fade into previous memories. Think Momento."

Seeing the main character's life through the eyes of Samantha J. Richardson adds passion, resilience and determination in the face of struggle."

Ashley Hutton,
Gold Coast



Curtis Sellers
US Marine Corp



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