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No one teaches us how to reminisce. Sometimes our thoughts are just a recollection of memories past, for better or for worse, they belong to us.


Jo was a happy, intelligent, and innocent child until the universe sent her spiralling down an unforeseen path, introducing her at an early age to things no child, or parent, should ever endure. 


Fast forward more than 20 years and Jo, a hobby fictional author, decides to sit down and write a proper ‘tell all’ book of her life.


From becoming a modern day mail order bride, to exotic dancing to make ends meet, saucy nights spent on the town and failed relationships, Jo had always known that one day, she’d have to expose her skeletons and explore the events that had moulded her into the person she’d become. And with her marriage in breakdown and finding herself unemployed, there was no better time to start.


Reminiscing about her life as she sat down to write at her favourite cafe, sipping on her signature fig martini, Jo was flooded by memories just waiting to be unveiled. 

Recollections: Volume 1

SKU: 364215376135191
  • ISBN: 978-1-922461-80-3


    140mm x 216mm

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